This project is located in the 2,300 mu farm in Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Resort with the theme of Health and Sport
(see attachment diagram 1). Positioned as high-end international residence with low-carbon, eco-friendly elements,
Party B’s design should be harmonious with and integrate into the surrounding environment. The plot of the project is a slope, ten meters higher in the east part of the land.

Three villas shall be in the north of the hotel and in the south of the roads (see attachment diagram 2) with
consideration of the landscape in the east.

The Floor Area Ratio Area of three villas are:
– 500m2 for type A;
– 750 m2 for type B
– 1000m2 for type C.

The site is a place of outstanding beauty located outside the Old Government City of Nanjing. Our main focus was how to capture the essence of this special place within the design and integrate the Villa forms within the landscape in a innovative and contemporary manner enhancing the individuals standard of living within these dwellings.

The scale was a fundamental consideration. We studies many forms and scale and concluded that within this setting that 2 stores was the correct approach to both respect the site location and create a dynamic and enjoyable way of living.

The form then became most efficient as the volume became square in plan by locating the ‘vertical circulation within the central axis of the building. This provided a physical divide and pentratable void between ‘private’ and ‘guest/entertaining’ areas of the Villa. The ‘private’ space within the ‘Villa’ orientates itself to the lakeside views and mountains in the background to celebrate this panoramic landscape. ‘guest’ areas are to the other portion of the ‘Villa’ to
maintain some privacy from pool and terrace areas.

The Car Port and entrance circulation ‘layer’ the main volume creating a gradual ‘revealing’ of the home. It becomes a discovery to the visitor and generates special anticipation before entering the building. The Ground floor plane appears to float above living areas as the structure is taken up by the central core and structural load bearing walls to the periphery.

The Upper levels are for Resting and enjoying the roof top ‘sky gardens’ that each property has designed into them.
these beautiful spaces not only just serve as visual stimulation with vegetation encouraging biodiversity but help the building insulate itself and produce a very sustainable strategy.