Project Detail




Building Area: 18415 sqm


Year: 2012



The West Bank of HuangPu River has been a splendid star of the Shanghai industry. Here owns the coal transport dock, airport, train station and cement factory, etc. From now, this place is going to be reformed. The new Minsheng Art Museum will be located here. Together with two other Art Museums nearby, the ‘West Bank Cultural Corridor’ will become a new cultural landmark of Shanghai.

We arranged the spaces so the building feels ‘One Community’, a community for discussion and dialogue between the arts and the people of Shanghai.

We wanted to create a space between the basement and the roof that has ‘tension’………………a kind of physical magnetism. The roof shades and creates a ‘theatre’ for the art and events to be held at this world class Art Museum.

The effect is both a variety of spaces that relate and connect and create drama. The shade that the overall ‘roof garden’ produces and helps protect the internal and exterior spaces of the courtyards from the hot summer conditions in shanghai and make the building more ENERGY EFFICIENT!………………not ONLY an ICONIC building but a ‘green’ and environmentally friendly building. A building for the FUTURE!

Landscape can more ‘freely’ through the space between the lower and upper volumes. The art becomes even more of a celebrated installation within the space created. The free moving landscape make this building ‘WELCOMING’……………AN ART MUSEUM for ALL……Shanghai’s People’s Museum.!

The Lower levels have been arranged by rotating the Accommodation of Gallery’s, Cinema and offices to create a variety of Courtyard areas. These make the Gallery feel more like a creative public space. A place to meet, have lunch, meet friends and family and discuss and celebrate Culture.

Access to the Gallery is by a Main Concourse, A sloped gradient to the Lower Level lobby and a ‘Grand’ Escalator that takes you down to the Grand Courtyard of Art installations and public seating areas. A truly open and welcoming space!

The building above ground level fits within the Building Line provided by the Government Authorities.

The general arrangement of the spaces is nearly the same as the project brief and we have attempted to make the relationships stronger with the arrangement of the Lift Cores, toilets and vertical circulation.

The feel and concept for the Gallery is something the Client will like. This is a very early stage C document but with further development and choice of materiality and design development of the spaces we feel this project has the ingredients to become a spectacular art gallery project that the client and the city of Shanghai will be proud of.