HYH HOUSE-Shanghai-China

Project Location: Min Hang District, Xinzhuang Town,Shanghai
The project developed by Shanghai Shen Wen Industry Co., Ltd. , the site is located in Min Hang District, Xinzhuang town,Shanghai.
West side is ZhuCheng Road, east side is Du Shi Road, south side is Fu Du Road.

The site is divided into N1 and N2 lot, and there are 2 office buildings built in N2 site, On site N1 there was a five-star hotel
originally designed, 2 basement floors, 20 floors above the ground, totally 28,771.8 m2 above the ground.

The Building height is 91.4m and is now adjusted into a boutique hotel, commercial/restaurant and office complex.

The function is: B1 and B2 floor equipment rooms and underground parking space; 1st floor is the share lobby and commercial; 2nd floor is restaurants and commercial area; 3rd-8th floor is boutique hotel; 9th-20th floor is standard office floor.

The ‘Project Scope’ are 2 Levels of Hotel/Office Reception and Upper Floors of Office Space:
– Level 1 and Level 2 Public Area is (GEA) 1222.8m2
– Level 9-20 is the Standard Office. Each Floor Area (GEA) is 1078.61m2.

The project’s will be targeted as a landmark and focus on high-end customers, business position is a commercial and office complex, and consider the organic connection between the building and the overall business environment.

Design scheme should meet the “advanced, reasonable and applicability” design principles, reflects the “environment friendly, ecological, and human oriented” design philosophy, with reasonable layout, smooth traffic line. Finish materials and equipment should use advanced technology, economic and reasonable.