PeaceBird Headquarters Project Status

Ningbo PeaceBird Fashion Headquarters has recently finished topping up.
Studio received latest drone image for the project status. Project plan to be complete by June 2019.

It will be the first titled round building in China with internal garden, roof garden, double columns that not only reduced the size of internal column, but also created roman- tic balcony that staff and visitor can use for discussion, recharging and enjoying the garden view.

Studio also designed the tallest titled sliding glass door for the main entrance, visitor can go through the main entrance, enter the five floor tall lobby , and get direct view of the central garden.

This building will be used as PeaceBird Headquarters and R&D center .

Future Car Park Project Status

Future Car Park Project in downtown Hangzhou, China has past the Preliminary Design Approval , will be under construction very soon.

Project expected to be complete by the end of 2020.

Future Car Park Project will use the most advanced car parking technology and will be the first one to combine vertical car display tower with AGV robotic car parking technology.

When completed , it will be another landmark project for Hangzhou CBD.

New Project in Xiong An New Area

Studio was invited by ZPMC to design modular commercial space for Xiong An New Area.

The site location is next to Xiong An Citizen Center, will used to support daily operation for the Citizen Center’s staff and visitor, including function such as office, cafe , shops, exhibition etc.


Xiong’an New Area is a state-level new area in the Baoding area of Hebei, China. Established in April 2017, the area is located about 100 km southwest of Beijing. Its main function is to serve as a development hub for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jingjinji) economic triangle.

PeaceBird Headquarters Facade Sign Off

After two times of mock up , comparing colour, material and detail design, external facade is singed off by the lead architect Mr. Daniel Statham.

External facade design follow the architecture design inspiration of vortex, capture the movement of the building . Facade is like clothes, “wearing “ by the main building, dance in the wind.

The external façade’s design based on daylight study and energy analysis, maximum the energy saving for the building performance and providing shading for office space near to window.

Winning Hangzhou Future Car Park Project

After G20, besides west lake, Hangzhou’s most popular tourist attractions now has another cool destination: Qianjiang New City, which is where our project located.

A project that celebrate technology and future -The Future Car Park. After three rounds of design competitions, Daniel Statham Architects stand out from eight competitors, awarded to be the design company for this existing project.

The project is located at CBD Hangzhou , China. Land area 6000 square meters, building area 23,000 square meters.

The design for this project aims to step towards the future and create a harmony between the ‘Automobile and the City’. It aims to invent the way we commute to Urban Hubs and how our ‘personal automobile’ is stored while we work and play.

The 500 cars will be all parked through the up to date car display tower parking and AGV robotic parking.

It is no secret the automobile is becoming more sustainable and reducing carbon emissions making it a kinder ‘machine’ to the environment. With Tesla, Google and Apple striving towards self-driven and electric/solar energy vehicles, the Client for our project in Hangzhou has identified that the Parking for these vehicles and existing ones needed to be re-thought and considered.

These Goals have been embraced for our Client in this project that is located in every central location within the Hangzhou CBD. The project aims to use ‘Green Parking’ with ‘Public Space’. It aims to create a meeting place and Hub that also combines parking. We wanted to create a building that was a synthesis of available parking Technologies, Public Space, Event Spaces and Hanging Gardens.

We wanted this building to celebrate the Cars of the future in a fully integrated way combining the structure with unique spaces that would provide a healthy and invigorating environment for families, friends and Business.

Project is plan to be completed by the end of 2020.

THINK IN ! Urban Renewal 4.0

Mr. Daniel Statham was invited by Cushman & Wakefield as keynote speaker for conference THINK IN, Urban Renewal 4.0.

The event focus on the conversion and discussion about the smart path to an excellent global city for China cities. Cushman & Wakefield offices from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen joined the event by video conference. Other attendance also include Vanke, Honeywell, Tongji University, Shanghai Jingwei, Shanghai Baohua Group etc.

Daniel shared his insights and studio’s experience in Urban Renewal with the audience .

Shanghai Fashion Weekend Art Installation Design

Studio was invited by IPCN to design the art installation for first Shanghai Fashion Weekend.

The main goal for Shanghai Fashion Weekend is to create an event that relate to Shanghai Fashion Week but invite everyone to enjoy fashion and design.

Studio was awarded to design the only art installation piece for this event, which will be the first view when you enter this event venue.

While designing the art installation and the logo, we have created the big “FW” shorten for Fashion Week, with “ND” instead of “WEEKEND” to different this event from others. The bit “FW” using different structure design, invite people to explore and involve in the art piece, create the feeling fashion and design is FUN!

The installation combined Artist Song Yang’s painting “bad girl”, using big red to express the passion, love and combination with the artist piece.